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The Disciples Amateur Radio Fellowship (DARF) and The United Church Amateur Network (U-CAN) have been working together since the early 1990's, as an organization of Amateur Radio Operators and friends, who work to build communications infrastructure for the missions partners of the Common Global Ministries Board of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ. Membership is open to any person who shows an interest in the organization and its goals. There are no set membership fees, but it is hoped that members will make an occasional donation to support the organization.

John Park Winkler leads practice drills in
                        radio setup.

Dan Owen leading the installation
                        training seminar.

Dan answers a question while John Park

DARF/ U-CAN team in Congo trains more than 50 leaders in Radio Installation Techniques

       A team of  3 persons from DARF / U-CAN were guests of our partners in the Disciples Community of the Church of Christ in Congo, October 13-31, 2010.  We were invited to come and present a seminar on the installation of the Radio System.  As a result, the 11 stations that have been secured so far are now in the process of being delivered and installed at the 23 supervisory posts across the Disciples Community. Team members were Fred Erickson, WD9IXA; Dan Owen, W5AHC; and John Park Winkler, W5JPW.

(More details will be available on the Congo Project page soon.)

The Division of Overseas Ministries has posted Fred Erickson's Journal of the trip here.

Our ham radio nets

Ham networks, called nets, are gatherings on a chosen frequency at a specified time. Radio propagation has been limited by the low number of sunspots in the current part of the sunspot cycle. Currently, DARF/U-CAN has three active nets. We invite all to listen for us, and licensed hams to check in.

  • 20 meter Tuesday net meets on 14.345 Mhz at 15:30 CUT (14:30 during daylight savings time)
  • Coverage - North America.

  • 20 meter Saturday net meets on 14.287 Mhz at 15:30 CUT (14:30 during daylight savings time)Coverage - North America. 
  • If you have a Novice or Technician License and are not licensed to operate 20 meter phone, you can join us on Skype for the Saturday Morning Net and hear the net activity. Even persons who are not Hams can join the fun. Email John Park Winkler to make arrangements.

  •  75 meter Northwest net meets Monday through Saturday on 3.940 Mhz at 15:00 CUT (14:00 during daylight savings time) Coverage - Pacific Northwest
  • (inactive for now) 75 meter MidAmerica net meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday  on 3.8455 Mhz at 7:00 am Central time.  Coverage - Missouri, Nebraska and surrounding states.

  • DARF/U-CAN uses its Yahoo group to send email to those who sign up for the service. The group site also contains pictures, files to download, and other ways of sharing.
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    Overseas Mission Work

    DARF / U-CAN develops communications infrastructure in cooperation with the overseas mission partners of Global Ministries, the mission board operated jointly by the two denominations. They have provided transceivers, solar power supplies and other accessories in addition to training and technical support for partner churches and overseas staff in  a variety of locations including Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Congo, Swaziland, Paraguay, Kenya, Honduras and the Philippines.

    Our Current Missions Project

    Currently DARF/ U-CAN is assisting the Disciples Community of the Church of Christ in The Democratic Republic of Congo. The goal is to install 25 solar powered HF radio stations at the district offices of the church and provide the training for the personnel who will maintain and operate the stations.

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